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. close to $1 million was stolen from stratfor. that's based in austin, texas. the hackers say the goal is to give it away is christmas donations. the company's clients include apple, the air force, and the miami police department. one victim who used to work for the texas department of banking noticed the fraudulent charges and acted fast. >> what they're doing, trying to play robin hood, steal from the rich and give to the poor, they're actually just costing us all time and money. in this instance, they're taking it from individuals who take -- you know, they could have ruined our christmas. they could have ruined our lives. >> the company says it's already taken steps to prevent further exposure and federal officials are investigating this case. >>> this is the last week of the year to get a lot of things checked off your to-do list. and if you're in a giving mood, now is the time to donate. charitable giving is actually up this year after two years of decline. donating to charity is a tax write-off, but you have to do it by the end of this ye.ar finance experts have some tips on wha
a speech by cindy shehanshehan, known for s up camp outside george w. bush's texas ranch in 2005 after her son was killed in the iraq war. >> we start to really work locally to make our communities and our families and our neighborhoods stronger, then i think that will, by osmosis, take power and money away from the 1%. >> open kerry carry advocates were protesting open carry bans that go in effect next month. >>> stephen clark taken into custody after spotted in the sbekz of golf and gary. he is booked in on kidnapping and rape charges. he was the focus of an intense manhunt when he was spotted near san diego. >>> a strange and dangerous story out of santa clara home made guns, bombs, and ammunition found at a house after responding to a call of gunfire at the residence. 45-year-old daniel tapas arrested after police negotiationed with him to come out of his home on rosemont drive. four impro fized explosive devices, three home made guns, two blow guns and hundreds of rounz of ammunition. the bomb squad had to dispose of two explosive devices after found to be unstable. neighbors told us
breastfeeding publicly. they say they're upset a texas mother was hassled for nursing her baby while she was christmas shopping. the nurse-in happened even though corporate policy does support breastfeeding moms. >> i think that we want to come out and show some support to the mom in texas for how she was treated and raise awareness for breast feeding in general, try to get people a lt more comfortable to seeing it done in public. >> target's policy does say that mothers are welcome to breastfeed in public areas without being able to make to feel uncomfortable. >> everything old at the military base new again. >> the transformation of the old officers quarters into a sbangy new hotel. how the architect balanced the history wick the state of the art to build the inn at the presidio. >> these are like apartments. >> very much so. >> this is where the single soldiers used to live at the presidio. cushing hall is in the middle of a meticulous rehabilitation. transforming the 108-year-old building into a brand new hotel. the challenge for this and for the 300 other buildings including lucasfi
of a baseball hiding in there. >> reporter: they took maria to a doctor in texas. >> when we came back from texas, the swelling was gone. and the coughs were reduced to a couple in the morning. >> reporter: but treatment is $10,000 a month. now with an anonymous gift, maria says she has a chance to fight the disease. >> with this treatment, i have a lot of hope that i will get better. i will get better. so every day is a struggle. but i'm fighting every day. >> our thoughts are with her. that was elyce kirchner reporting. kaiser permanente sent a statement saying we sympathize with the family and understand this is a difficult time for them. because of patient privacy laws, we cannot discuss an individual case. >>> what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop turned into a street shooting in san francisco. this happening around 1:30 at larken and sutter. police say officers pulled over a driver on bush street. as officers walked to the car, the driver got out and started running. moments later, witnesses say the suspect starting shooting wildly right in the middle of the street. officers
federal government and all that goes with it. the texas independent ron paul, the libertarian who's made a career out of campaigning for small government has surged to double the numbers here that he enjoyed for the 2008 iowa caucus. polling second, first in another, ron paul is on a roll, slamming big brother government. >> this idea that you have to give up so much of your liberties, they say, that's nonsense. you don't have to give up any of your liberties to be saved. >> reporter: hanging on to every word are mark and chris. mark switched again. his friend chris kept watching. unconvinced. >> thank you. >> reporter: also surging is rick santorum, the social conservative focused on iowa, finally he's polling third or fourth out of seven. >> if iowa says you're the guy, by pushing us up there and into the top tier, they won't be able to ignore us anymore. >> reporter: newt gingrich, half of the support here gone, is looking at later primaries. >> considering that i'm 20 points ahead in other states, it would be fairly foolish for me to not stay in the race. >> mitt romney for the first
. winter meetings, texas, football in oakland, san francisco warriors back in practice. he's like a maestro he conducts the staff. >> and he works weekends with me along the way as well. nice to see you. >> thank you. glad you pointed that out. raj, i have to point this out to your agent, you have more time off than any guy i know on air. period. hook me up with your agent. >> take it away. >> about to have you back. no one is on the diamond right now, but there's always work to do in baseball. mlb teams shot callers have gathered in dallas for the winter meetings. there's a lot going on. look at this time lapse. i wish they would moving that fast, it would be comical. a lot of people at the dallas hilton. this is where general managers lay down the ground work for trades and free agency moves. jamie is out there, but here's what billy bean and bob melvin told jamie. >> i think we're waiting for pujols, fielder and all of that so the rest of the dominos can fall. more speculation than anything else. >> that's what happens down here, you have a lot of free agents out there. a lot of free age
average. led texas to the world series each of two past seasons. agreed to five year contract worth nearly $78 million. okay. huge story in basketball. it seems that l.a. is the center of sports world to day. as the los angeles lakers, thought they pulled off a blockbuster trade getting chris paul from the new orleans hornets. however the lakers, planning, to send him to houston. lamar odom to the hornets as part of a three team trade. nba commissioner david stern vetoed the trade as hornets are still actually owned by the nba. and it was deemed not in the best interest of the league. very surprising news there. warriors trying to get chris paul. and they have made an offer to free agent, defending world champ, tyson chandler. but reports indicate, chandler is close to inking a deem with the new york eknicks. this would leave the warriors high and dry at least for now. former cam bear quarterback, aaron rodgers won the super bowl last year. this year a good chance the packers will add three more letters to his resume. mvp. rodgers is having a great season. the raiders know they will have
pipeline that extends from canada to texas. the house approved measure includes that keystone pipeline. the republican-controlled house is seeking to extend the pay freeze on federal workers and not extend unemployment benefits. they want to pay for lower payroll taxes. democrats say a tax hike on the rich is the way to fix it. >>> no deal. donald trump says he will no longer moderate a december gop debate. some speculate he bowed out because only "nbc nightly news" and stan fantorum said they wil participate. the real estate mogul says he's still considering a white house run himself. >>> still ahead, a bay area education pioneer getting a unique honor in new york. >>> imagine a new bike path high above the bay? up next the proposal for an unusual exercise venue. >>> i'm jeff ranieri. a little warmer today with san jose topping out at 58 degrees. san francisco at 57, and plenty of widespread 30s tonight in the east bay. we'll talk more about sierra snow, even though we don't have storm systems lately, and who is funing from top tointom ainst m.ew bottom in just a few minut. ♪ second
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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